Throughout my blogging journey I have been very fortunate. Over the past year not only have I collaborated with some of my favorite brands but I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting the amazing and talented people who work hard behind the scenes to make it all happen. One of my first major collaborations was with Farfetch, a high-end online fashion house that not only represents brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Valentino but they also inspire, empower and give a voice to bloggers like me.

On March 8th, women across the world celebrated International Women’s Day and Farfetch didn’t miss a beat. They invited me to a wonderful event at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City. The event was picturesque, flooded with fashion and an atmosphere only fit for a girl boss. I got to meet other bloggers, business owners, designers and poet Cloe Wade who was the guest of honor. She delivered an empowering poem that reminded all of us why we should be proud of who we as women and why we deserve to be heard. This event also made me look back at the most powerful women in history like astronaut Anna Fisher, voting activist Annie Lumpkins, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman the list goes on and on. These women are the ones who caused the ripple effect – they were the trailblazers that encouraged us to stand strong behind our beliefs and work towards gender equality. Farfetch is a brand that recognizes that and I couldn’t be more proud to have been a witness to their NYC celebration.

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This is my basic winter look. First: you can never go wrong with black – this seems to be my go to color especially when it comes to these depressing winter days and second: it’s still trendy. When it comes to wearing all black I like to focus on the details like a patent leather, zippers and studs. My favorite piece in this whole ensemble is the contrasting patent leather biker jacket by Zara. Unfortunately, it’s sold out but I picked a few similar jackets below. When it comes to accessories, especially during these windy days, I like to throw on a cute beanie. You can read more about my New York City inspired look on FARFETCH. I’m so excited to be featured (along with several other amazing bloggers) you can check out the link here.


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Andy and I had a magical experience earlier this week. We met up with a lovely couple at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, a stunning landscape in the middle of the busy, bustling city of New York. Instantly, laughter ensued. We clicked. The couple, Brittani and Jon, are two creatives who have a passion for each other and on this day, us! They were taking our engagement photos. The experience was unbelievably romantic. The Hons made us feel so comfortable while they captured memories that will last a lifetime. It was like the perfect date full of joy and love. The Hons were able to capture the true essence of who we are as a couple as we celebrate our future to come. For anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer I highly recommend The Hons. They are an amazing couple and first and foremost true professionals at their craft. For more information please take a look at their website

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