One trend that sticks around season after season is the Maxi Dress. This summer they were a hot item among women of all shapes and sizes, including me! During my honeymoon I wore the pictured look for a festive night out in Crete, Greece. The dress is by Lulus, not only am I obsessed with the color but I absolutely love the shape. A wrap dress is always a good choice in my book. I decided to keep it simple by adding a pair of hoop earrings into the mix. If you haven’t added a maxi dress into your wardrobe here are a few reasons why you should jump on board:


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Last month I had to step away from blogging. It was a difficult decision but I had some major life events take priority:

  • I got married! I needed to take time off to focus on the final stages of wedding planning prior to our big day which was July 15th, 2017.
  • We went on a honeymoon to Greece! I wanted to disconnect and really enjoy the time with my new huzzzbin!
  • Andy and I are building a house – the project is very time consuming so we had to put some serious time into details.
  • Also hate to admit this, but I started losing sight of the real reason I started blogging.
  • Lastly, I was just overwhelmed with all of the above — I felt like the stress was getting in the way of my creative flow. I wanted to step away to recharge, regain control of my personal goals and come back refreshed!

Taking a break can feel intimidating, and so many bloggers struggle with the idea of disconnecting. Although I wasn’t posting on my blog I was still “active” if you want to call it that on my social media, posting one photo per day on Instagram. This was a great way for me to stay in touch with my core followers without feeling like I was abandoning ship.

Pausing my blog also helped me focus on why I blog…

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Today is one of my favorite days of the year – Happy Independence Day everyone! The 4th of July has a very special place in my heart, every year I look forward to family barbecues, parades, fireworks and of course celebrating the good old USA. In New Jersey this is a really popular time to go down the shore – the beaches are in full swing with beautiful views of the coast. If you read my blog you already know my favorite place is Long Branch. I love spending time on the beach and strolling around Pier Village to grab lunch and Acai Bowls. The last time Andy and I took a trip to Long Branch we stayed at the beautiful Bungalow Hotel, which is where these photos were taken. If you are anything like me you’re already obsessed with the “white on white” interior. I took inspiration from this hotel and completely transformed my bedroom this past month – I love to decorate! I will show you guys photos of the makeover on the blog soon.

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After a few very hectic weeks, we are finally at the finish line. Andy and I are getting married in 23 days! It’s going to be an emotional milestone for us because it shows how far we have come in love, in life – all of it. I feel so lucky to be able to celebrate this moment with my family and friends and most importantly, to have Andy by myside.

So in the midst of all this wedding planning I’ve also been packing for our honeymoon. New trip means new clothes right? During my search for pretty summer essentials I came across an amazing new brand called Auoi.

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Travel season is here! Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an overseas vacation – rounding up your favorite hair and beauty essentials can be a complicated combination. Traveling light doesn’t mean you have to say bon voyage to your favorite products, especially when it comes to your hair. I put that to the test during a recent trip to Long Branch, New Jersey. I stayed at the beautiful Bungalow Hotel, which is just steps from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean – and this time I decided I wasn’t going to over pack on hair care. Aside from a blow dryer (which was provided by the hotel) the only hair products I brought with me was my T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe. For a beach getaway, they are a great low maintenance essential. I love using the rollers for textured waves and of course volume. View Post