Do you know that moment when you’re getting ready for a party and you have the perfect outfit planned out, your hair is beautifully styled, your makeup game is on point, and you’re pretty satisfied with your amazing fashionista skills. Now if only you weren’t sporting a giant red pimple in the middle of your forehead you’d look like a million bucks.

It’s unfortunate when our own skin fails us and ruins all our efforts to rock that city chic outfit. But, this kind of thing can be avoided if we give it the care it needs and make sure that is stays healthy and lush. How do you accomplish this? Glad you asked! Read on for some awesome tips. View Post

When Kim Kardashian stepped onto the scene with contoured cheeks and the perfect cat eye, who knew it would change our beauty routine forever. Nowadays, if you’re not learning proper technique to a chiseled cheek on YouTube, then you’re skills might be lacking. Good makeup takes tons of practice but it also requires the proper tools for smooth foundation and a perfect smokey eye. Just like makeup – brushes can get very pricey. Depending on the brand, they can cost you up to $500 dollars. Ouch! If you’re a beginner don’t let that discourage you. There are tons of budget friendly options that don’t sacrifice quality. You can find great deals at drugs stores, Sephora and even online. Currently, I am using the 32 piece brush set from MyMakeupBrush, which they sent me for review about three months ago. Since I have been using it religiously, especially while traveling. The set is on sale for $32.99 right now. Which gets me to the next topic: Quality. That’s the big concern right? Will they work and will they last? Well after three months of using the brushes everyday I will say so far they have delivered. Along with the sleek design the bristles are soft and they don’t lose any hair, which is a huge win. The brushes are also synthetic, which means they don’t absorb liquid or cream foundations. For animals lovers – they are cruelty free. This 32 piece set has all the brushes you would need to achieve any desired makeup look in fact, the makeup in my last blog post (which you can see here) was done using this set.


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Travel season is here! Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an overseas vacation – rounding up your favorite hair and beauty essentials can be a complicated combination. Traveling light doesn’t mean you have to say bon voyage to your favorite products, especially when it comes to your hair. I put that to the test during a recent trip to Long Branch, New Jersey. I stayed at the beautiful Bungalow Hotel, which is just steps from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean – and this time I decided I wasn’t going to over pack on hair care. Aside from a blow dryer (which was provided by the hotel) the only hair products I brought with me was my T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe. For a beach getaway, they are a great low maintenance essential. I love using the rollers for textured waves and of course volume. View Post

When it comes to sharing my OOTD posts I love using Insatgram. Aside from my blog, the social media platform has made it possible for me to connect with loyal readers like you! One of the most frequent comments I get always has to do with my hair, the products I use and how I style it. I must admit it took me years to learn how to properly do my own hair. There was a lot of trial and error especially when it came to product and styling tools. I have thin hair so I had to find the right product to help me achieve volume, thickness and hold. I do not leave the house without mousse or hairspray. At this point it’s a routine that I cannot give up because it is what works and gives me the look I want – volume, volume, and more volume!

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