I am still floating on cloud 9 following our engagement on New Year’s Eve (2016). When it comes to love I am very much a romantic. I LOVE, love. So you can imagine this process has been wonderful for me. We are about five months away from our big day and now it’s time to prep for our bridal shower. Andy and I are currently in the process of building our house, which means we are missing quite a few home essentials. Basically, we are starting from scratch.

I decided to create a registry with Bed Bath & Beyond & Macy’s to help me keep track of the things we will need for our future home. I chose two department stores because of convenience for my guests. Some of them live in areas where one may not be as accessible. Both stores have wonderful selections of brands, offer coupons and an excellent return policy. Coupons are important, in my opinion, because your guests are already spending so much on your wedding. Bed, Bath & Beyond has 20% off which makes a difference on your purchase and saves your guests some extra money.

Registering was a really nice experience for Andy and I. The bridal associates helped us along the way and even gave use advise on brands, their durability and life span. In this post I wanted to share some of the items we picked out.

Our kitchen is going to be white so I thought a KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Azure Blue would be such a great addition. I have a very large family who loves to get together on the weekends and I’m looking forward to entertaining them with all of our new cookware.


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Where do you get your jeans?

That is probably the most popular question I get regarding my wardrobe. I am extra petite, plus my waist size is much smaller than my hips so finding a pair that fits (without getting alterations) is not easy. Nobody likes a big gap in the back of their pants so for me, when it come to styles, high-waited is what works. Another bonus is they don’t cut off mid waste. Often times, low-rise jeans can cause that “muffin top” effect because they don’t give you coverage in the right places. At the end of the day it’s important to find a style that works for you based on your body type. Women who tend to be petite (in my case) look for a way to elongate the body and high-rise will give you that illusion. Check out some of my denim picks below – featuring some of my favorite brands plus, denim deals under $50.00!

Xoxo, Maggie

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! If you are scrambling to find last minute gifts for your man or man friend, I am here to save the day! Get him comfort with Tommy John and help him avoid making the ‘big adjustment.’ It’s time to end picking, and pulling at their pants ladies – because who needs that eye soar!

Tommy John 20% Off Discount Code: NEW20.

Especially that the warmer weather is coming (hopefully soon) he will appreciate Tommy John’s breathable material. If you also want to add a little extra into his gift box try adding some arm candy with a classic timepiece that will keep him on time!

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I think it’s time for some sunshine. Pastels remind me of warmer weather, beautiful blooms and spring time. I am the type of person who just gravitates towards these soft, classic and feminine shades. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because in many ways it’s a fresh start, and a time to break out of that winter shell. New Jersey has me feeling a bit stuck lately, the cold weather can be unbearable at times and who wants to be behind closed doors anyway? I am craving afternoon walks and picnics in the park with my little Gatsby. I really needed a pick me up, and this beautiful bucket bag from Hieleven has raised my spirits!

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Hello Loves, Happy Sunday! Here in New Jersey I am still waiting for the snow to melt as my back recovers from snow shoveling. Who knew, 10 inches of snow fall can be so heavy and demanding on your body. I didn’t take any photos of my miserable self shoveling but one thing I did not forget was my UR Powered gloves. A couple of my readers noticed them in my last post – so I figured I should give you a little run through on the high tech gear. When it comes to most gloves you have to take them off to text or use your phone but thanks to UR Powered that problem has been solved. Their gloves feature touch screen technology on all five fingers making it easy to send texts, photos and make phone calls without having to remove your gloves. For anyone who spends time outdoors this is the perfect way to protect your hands from the harsh winter, especially my friends who love to ski and snowboard. Personally, I love these and I am so thankful I got them because I use them often and they really work!

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When it comes to styling sometimes all it take is one accessory to make a statement. Instantly an outfit can go from basic to wow. Take today’s look for example, a simple winter coat gets a piece of luxury thanks to Cocovann, a handbag company making waves with their classic leather designs. When I saw this bag, I instantly fell in love. The Work Space Leather Satchel is so chic and elegant, plus it’s perfect in size especially for my petite figure and everyday use. What’s most attractive about this bag is the detail of course, which features gold hardware, studs and a signature charm.


Discount Code: MAGGIEKROL17

Discount code is valid for 30 days, February 9 – March 9

Code is applicable to the first collection only, AW16

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Happy Monday!

The month of love & chocolate is upon us and as we prep for a night out don’t forget about your accessories. I am obsessed with this beautiful two toned choker by Ettika. The lush bow is so romantic and the pink and camel tones are the perfect combination for Valentine’s Day. While wearing it, I was feeling very Brigitte Bardot. It’s so sexy and gives off that kitten vibe and I was feeling it! MEOW.


15% Off Discount Code: @maggiekrol

Just a reminder: Valentine’s Day isn’t only for couples it’s about celebrating love and if you’re single spend that time with your best friends or anyone that you may cherish. If you look at it from that approach – you will truly love the commercial holiday or you can just throw an Anti-Valentine’s day Party (LOL, there is always that.) Regardless, dress up because you’re too pretty not too!

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This is my basic winter look. First: you can never go wrong with black – this seems to be my go to color especially when it comes to these depressing winter days and second: it’s still trendy. When it comes to wearing all black I like to focus on the details like a patent leather, zippers and studs. My favorite piece in this whole ensemble is the contrasting patent leather biker jacket by Zara. Unfortunately, it’s sold out but I picked a few similar jackets below. When it comes to accessories, especially during these windy days, I like to throw on a cute beanie. You can read more about my New York City inspired look on FARFETCH. I’m so excited to be featured (along with several other amazing bloggers) you can check out the link here.


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Is it Monday yet? You guys must think I’m out of my mind for asking (who looks forward to Mondays?!?!) but I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for the next episode of The Bachelor! I admit it, it’s my guilty pleasure. The show is hysterical, I’m talking super loud belly laughs hysterical. Half the time I’m speechless over the actions of some of these women, but hey, it’s entertainment so I’m sure the producers are contributing to the drama. Although everyone is talking about Corinne, the sleeping beauty of the show, I am totally obsessed with Vanessa Grimaldi. One: she is stunning and TWO: I think she is in if for the real deal – LOVE. I would absolutely hate to see Nick break her heart. Although, I am not a fan of him right now because he is coming off so uncertain especially when it comes to commitment (Watcha here for buddy??).  If you are as obsessed as I am when it comes to the bachelor please comment below because I would love to discuss further lol. Speaking of love, the most romantic month of the year is around the corner and I wanted to start putting a few Valentines Day inspired looks together so please return because I will have a “dress up” guide posted soon. In the meantime, lets keep things casual and warm, ok? Although lace up tops are SO 2016, I’m still in love with them. I love the sex appeal they can add to a casual look and in this case I paired it with a skinny jeans and a furry vest. Accessories by Daniel Wellington – their watches are amazing!


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